Google Maps CLC

Re-imagining Google Maps experiences for the young urban user
role & responsibilities --
UX designer and Prototyping lead

Information architecture, site-mapping, user flows, low to hi-fidelity wireframing, prototyping, research plans, usability testing, synthesis.
september 2018 - december 2018
Full team: Graeme Smith (Project Manager, UX Design), Savannah Walker (Project Manager, Graphic Design), Hwanghah Jeong (UX Design), Dan Benedict (UX Design), Ehsan Atiq (UX Design), Olivia Bishop (Advertising), Rizwan Zaki (UX Design), Angela Martin (UX Design), Songyi Park (Motion Media), Daee Kim (Motion Media), Juanita Pastrana (Advertising), Geethika Simhadri (UX Design), Maria Paredes (Industrial Design), CarrieAnna Kuldell (Copywriting), Neha Tadepalli (Design Management), Fayethe Vongsouvanh (Advertising)
background --
During fall of 2018, I was able to work with a fantastic, talented team of 18 to target a brief given by Google Maps in a SCAD collaborative course (CLC). Our team was tasked to research and develop concepts for a Geo/Maps mobile experience for the YUU (young urban user, age 13-24) demographic. I was primarily responsible for managing and leading the creation of prototype flows for concept development, and user testing for the client presentation at Googleplex Mountain View.
While the details of the work I worked on are still under NDA, I'd be happy to chat about more deeply about my experience over email.